Tadeusz Zawadowski (Poland)

Tadeusz Zawadowski (Poland)
Tadeusz Zawadowski – a Polish poet, editor, critic; born on 9.12.1956 in Łódź, since 1981 has been living in Zduńska Wola, where he was a co-founder of Literary Club “Poplar” and Artistic Creation Work Club “ Without Aureole”. Member of Polish Writers’ Union. Awarded about 250 prizes in both Polish and international writing competitions and got many literary rewards. He is an author of more than 1500 publications in Polish, emigration and foreign literary magazines. His poems, critic essays were published in about 250 anthologies. They were also translated into following languages: Russian, Latvian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovenian, Greek, Italian and English. The author of 17 poetry books.
I am in the woods
counting trees
it is good to count trees
when you cannot count people
moles on a meadow
dig pits
people also dig pits
under people
trees grow
people increasingly
fall upon
my childhood barefoot
run out on a meadow
as happy as a blackbird’s voice
wet with dew
how I miss you
crying to heaven
To Ewa
I love you most in all worlds. no matter
which I am about to be in a moment. in each beyond borders of
comprehension. it is impossible to close love
in the grid of meridians and parallels put on
telescope eyes of scholars. to limit with
atmosphere or lithosphere. one world is too little
to hold something
shelves with books
taken off the wall
some homeless guy
is wearing my sweater
it is over

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