Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra
You sing a song of liberation
Your whisper you share
At the dawn of the new year for me
Simplest truth you declare
Ever since we met
Too long this road to pass
Love is gambling, hanging around
In dreams only you come alive
Words we have not spoken
Never shared love
We walked lonely highways
We are tired strangers
Fatigued evening grows
In our loneliness
The gypsy wind carries
The sorrows and joy of years gone by…
(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, January 2021
A sailor lost at the sea
Morning Sun on the horizon
Struggling to remain calm
Riding wave after wave…
Sailor sails on, into the Sunset
Watching the shore to land
He fights to stay afloat
Lost in this battle, tired and dead
Tonight, time and tide will wait for none
Tonight seawater will touch the pain of the sailor
Will sink in the abyss of salty water
Lonesome sailor sleeps in silence…
(C)Asoke Kumar Mitra, December,2020

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