Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Two birds together,
On the globe of earth,
With mirth,
And joy,,,
People seem envious,
People look jealous,
On smooch,
Too much,
None can separate them,
None can desperate them,
Like the light in moon,
Like the warmth in sun,,
Both are one,
Both are one,
There is none,
They are love,
Nothing else,
Except love…
On this globe,
On this earth..
Two birds
Peace Of Mind
An eternal touch brings peace of mind,
Like lashing rain creates greenness on land,
One glance of graceful love gives solace,
Like the butterfly upon the blue base,
Golden mantel on head of my goodness,
Make you ready for getting the freshness,
A chain on your chest seems best of the best,
A man on your mind looks greatly greatest,
If you need peace of mind by saying wow,
You need to hold the finger of your love,
If you love, make it open for great peace,
Omit your complexity, wind up your mess,
Love is tenderness, love is tolerance,
Love is satisfaction, love is fragrance,
I need eternal touch in this world,
You are my lady and you are my lord,
After a cup of coffee by window,
No more worries again, I promise to love,
Much pretty on the beach,
A fascinating girl,
Walking all alone,
Talking from distance,
Sending beams of words,
Captivates my heart,,,,
Such starry way on the shore,
So much warmth inside,
Too much charming outside,
Attract my tender heart,
Such rainbow on my cloud,
Such cascade on the land,
Where light makes flickers,
All these scenes lie within,
That touch the skies above,
That match the moon in love,
That’s no friend and no foe,
Only love lingers for long,
True love never makes wrong,
In bathing heavy rain on beach,
Holding in hand, the warmth glows,
Laying on couch, the warmth flows,
Never go apart,
Never disappoint
In any moment of life,
In any moment of time,
Oh, fascinating girl,
Feel astoundingly strong,
Feel the conscience’ call,
Keep your hand upon sweet,
@Dost Muhammad Rapper

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