Silent Bonding / Poem by Dr. Deepti Gupta

Poem by Dr. Deepti Gupta
Silent Bonding
Bonding with heart
Between two passionate persons
never comes to an end
No storm, no squall can ever uproot them
Neither harsh feelings can ever swallow them
Nor the gush of anger Can ever wipe them away
Can ever eliminate them up
they have been interwoven
Strand by strand for years with smiles & tears
Pure heart bondings grow up
strongly in the cradle of joy & grief
They are close knitted
With the invisible dainty emotional fibrils
When there is something Offensive between
Two Such intensely close persons
they refrain from talking to each other
In those moments their Silence speaks
Silent bonding is always deep and divine
It is so sublime that two persons don’t need
mundane words to transmit
their feelings to each other
Every throb of their heart
conveys those subtle feelings
miles away swiftly on their own
When between them
Silence begins to communicate
This means, they have developed
a soul bonding And bonding with soul is
over ‘n above everything
And for ever….!!!

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