Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
The perennial roots
The perennial roots stabilize things
Mountains stay strong to talk with sky,
The sky never shy on its heart’s hue,
Like the everlasting riot of blue,
The perennial roots go to depth of soil,
They touch the essence of muddy water,
They never dance upon the surface only,
They reach to the earth and stay forever,
The perennial roots do deep making,
They gets food of mind and body there,
They succour and support all and sundry,
They make but never mar the growing plant..
The perennial roots need some nutrients,
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen,
The survival depends upon sweet things,
Life brings charm within circle of life,
The perennial roots fix in great sweetness,
Like the light within love of the right,
As like the moon amid stars stays the moon,
As like the warmth of sun never dies,
The perennial roots are toots of human heart,
Their echo begins from inner depth,
Their hugeness comes from heaven above,
The roots are true from the top to toe.
Unique love burns in the snowfall,
Fires ubiquitous in passionate pall,
Integration is concealed in differences,
Unification seems smart in all fragrance,
Coded beauty becomes decoded in joy,
Innate beauty comes forward to enjoy,
Isolation imitates and makes mockery,
Consolation comes to me by strawberry,
Digging makes ringing in my soft soul,
Sifting in the dryness makes things roll,
Humor in the wind makes be spell bound,
Unseen vibes, unheard words, uneven land,
Tears in sadness makes a joyous flow,
Think about tenderness and do it slow,
Cheers call from the wonderland of love,
Seer of heart is peer in peeks of pure move,
Union upon snowy ground seems sound,
Change occurs in change of sweet proud,
Positive waves stand by challenge,
Maturity brings in age of the sage,
Peculiar affection holds humanity,
Eccentric beauty casts much serenity,
The Mended Mastodon
The mended mastodon makes me happy,
Like the colors on cloud creates ecstasy,
The burnt iron turns into the steel,
The learnt soul stands diamond in deal,
The vigorous vigilance needs much worth,
Truth of life seems visible on this earth,
Lofty things do exist within you,
The graceful beach needn’t teach the true,
The joints are knots in rope of human bones,
As trunk has roots, leaves and flowery horns,
The interlinked clay makes the planet earth,
Like water in the ocean flows with mirth,
The mended mastodon makes rise again,
Like the mad sea pounces upon the lane,
The mended mastodon gives me mirth,
As like in snowy season burns the hearth,
@Dost Muhammad Rajper, Pakistan

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