Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma
In the early dawn
I saw a pregnant woman
in front of a mirror
gazing the serene sky
and counting
cycles of menses!
Her protruding belly
wrapped in silvery shawl
like the sunny rays
waltzing on the grassy land
meant more than she could tell.
I saw her caress the belly
and smile
as if she embodied the mystery
inexplicable in words .
I did not hesitate
to dabble few words
in capturing the spectacular scene
as if splashing light
on the canvass
or like the gentle wind
creeping towards the ruffling leaves.
I see these words
like crawling ants on the wall
and turning into
sprinkling dew drops
emitting jocund dreams
to be carved
in pervasive memory!
Do you know
We are fond of breaking ?
We can break walls
Erected on any landscapes
Made of bricks or stones
By crafty masons
Or laborious workmen
Designed by artful engineers
Or inspected by painstaking inspectors
For years and years.
But can we break walls
Made of surmounting egos
And nefarious jealousy
Carved with hatred and envy
And the rocks of
Distrust and animosity
Created by ourselves ?
Let’s break these walls if we can
But I am sure they are so tall.
When we begin to pace
The meandering journey of life,
We are asked
To wear the veil of time
And carry a bag of destinies!
Soon we encounter whims
That try to emaciate
Streaming webs of life
To bewilder the journey.
But we strive to collect
Infinite light of universe
Sprouting vigil
Of resolve
As if it were a green plant
Popping out
In the wily rays
To bloom!
A plant we are
With several branches
Of destiny
With flowering hopes
And burgeoning leaves of faith!
Copyrights by Bam Dev Sharma

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