Antje Stehn (Germany)

Antje Stehn (Germany)
Antje Stehn, born in Germany, resides in Italy. Poet, visual artist, video producer, art curator.
Since 1990 she has been showing her work in a number of international exhibitions around Europe and the US. At the moment she is curating the international art-poetry project “Rucksack a Global Poetry Patchwork”.
She is part of the international Collective “Poetry is my Passion” which is operating in Milan and organizes transcultural events for the promotion of language and cultural diversity.
She is editing the international poetry voice “Milano, una città mille lingue” for the poetry magazine TamTamBumBum and is co-editor in the latin-american Blog Los Ablucionistas and the Blog Teerandaz in Bangladesh.
She is member of the scientific committee of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia of Piacenza, Italy.
Earthworms – the Social Dilemma
No algorithmic machine controls
those who work in the underground
slowly, steadily
inside the earth, undervalued
with passages made of continuous escrement
and boredom canceled out by dopamine shots
Our brain a kind of Olympus
infinite divinities
in search of identity
vulnerability developed over millions of years
simply a predictive model
What you like, how much you like it and what you will like
the earthworm already knows.
Lombrichi – The Social Dilemma
Nessuna macchina algoritmica controlla
chi lavora nel sottosuolo
lentamente con costanza
dentro la terra, poco considerato
con passaggi fatti di continue deiezioni
e la noia annullata a colpi di dopamina
il cervello una specie di Olimpo con infinite divinità
in cerca d’ identità
La vulnerabilità sviluppata in milioni di anni
un modello predittivo
Cosa ti piace, quanto ti piace e cosa ti piacerà
il lombrico lo sa già.
Epiphany on Capitol Hill
It looked like sewing long, loose stitches,
done by hand
the basting together of a film already seen
where aliens and mutants
overthrow The Great Power
like children in a game they are about to lose.
At the capture of the winter palace
a ramshackle mob
sticking all over the monumental whiteness
like window cleaners,
in the Rotonda
baseball caps and bats, madmen smashing glass
and the American buffalo man
Undecided between taking a selfy
or escaping from tear gas.
Terrified congressmen beg the
President for help
but he is too busy
following in live streaming
his tweeds becoming flesh.
L’Epifania a Capitol Hill
Sembrava un’imbastitura provvisoria
eseguita a mano
di un film già visto in cui
alieni e mutanti
rovesciano La Grande Potenza
come bambini un gioco
che stanno per perdere.
Alla presa del palazzo d’inverno
una masnada sgangherata
appiccicati sull’imponente bianchezza
come lavavetri
nella Rotonda
capelli e mazze da baseball,
energumeni trita vetri
e l’uomo bisonte
combattuti tra un selfi e
la fuga dai lacrimogeni.
Deputati terrorizzati supplicano l’aiuto
del Presidente
troppo impegnato a seguire
in streaming i suoi tweed
che si sono fatti carne.
Holocaust Memorial Day
Key terms:
Vergangenheitsbewältigung – Aufarbeitung,
Working through the past or elaboration of history?
And the aesthetic discourse?
Does a poem stand up to barbaric acts?
Human language a comforting bedspread or
a toothache that goes into the roots?
whithersoever we travel it’s the same setback
upgrating yourself by downgrating the others
a pattern implanted like a mircochip under the skin
There is no After
as long as the painful memory remains our present.
Holocaust Gedenktag
Vergangenheitsbewältigung oder – Aufarbeitung ?
und der ästhetische Diskurs?
hält ein Gedicht der Barbarei stand?
menschliche Sprache eine tröstende Überdecke
oder ein Zahnschmerz der bis in die Wurzeln geht
woimmerhin wir uns begeben dasselbe Pattern
eingepflanzt wie ein Mikrochip unter die Haut
Selbstaufwertung durch Abwertung anderer
kein Danach
solange die Erinnerung das heute einschliesst
Antje Stehn, 27.1.2021

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