Nothing remains except your charm!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Nothing remains except your charm!!
O you, who possesses both, the heart and the tongue!!
In your presence the sun and the moon lose their luster
They bow down of respect for you
They flee away ashamed of your beauty
The stars and planets keep silent out of respect for you too
The mixtures and components physically mix together
The compounds chemically react and dissolve forming new ones
In your presence the solids melt and turn into liquids
The liquids evaporate and turn into gases
The gases spread all around in the atmosphere
Even the equations overlap and get lost with each other
The chains and barriers break and fell down
The dames and borders collapse
In your presence the logic loses its value and disappears
The forms of linguistic and intellectual pluralism freeze
The culture loses its potency and influence
The words and their meanings lose their vitality
The circles of knowledge, encyclopedias and dictionaries cease
Nothing remains as it is except your charm
Which rises up and soars above the clouds!!

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