ceri naz





Spotless Tribune

( Tribute to Cancer Patients)


I see her standing in front of the mirror

Striking her hair in fishtail

The moment she puts on a lipstick

She thinks she have just painted

Another story for a brand new day

It adds colors and sassy look

She models her scarlet veil and her crimson doll shoes

She likes the way her cup B sized bras are kept

With tags of memories of battling the battles within her battles

It is like her cry conquers the rhythms of liberty

Garlands of hopes reverberate in back to back trends

Of surviving the daily wars inside and outside

She makes her oncologist feel

She can stand and be back on her mountaineering

Her force is beyond a millionaire’s wish

Just like her, the host of outnumbered dreams

The reward is priceless- LIFE

Another life in joining miracles

When one-roofed litanies of women warriors

Trying to save the clans of goodwill and heralds of compassion

The milestone have just defined the voiceless

From the selfless

Even the yellow and pink ribbons could praise

The wakes of black and white in their deathbeds

That’s how she reflects, that’s how she fights

She displays her flag of courage on the finish lines

Before the billion innocents’ eyes

Transcending magical lanterns and parachutes

Wherever and everywhere

Because women deliver

The tribune of the braves

All rights reserved © Ceri Naz, May 30, 2015/Philippines





The Rewinding Chaff


You set the fire of fires

Gather the embers of your skin

That make you, the you that you never knew

From the unknown self  knowing you

Is a growth of words within words

Syllabicate syllables by syllables of your darkness

As you spell the language of all meanings

And remind the synonyms of light in the dark

Of your days without nights and nights without days

But you are choking with misunderstanding

For what is like if you never like

The unsung songs

Of peace within peace

Love within love

Respect within respect

To Whom, Where, When and Why

Then How will connect all small steps

To keep that journey within journey

Just like your heart within my heart

And I carry You in Me, I in You

We will remake the unmade home of homes

In our ONE soul.


 © Ceri Naz, 29, 2015





Newton’s Neuter

( For LGBT Community)


Carpe diem trans in a trance

Sway in both ways

Meet him escorting the orchids

Modeling the best Victorian skirt

He is she, the vice versa, the meme’s odyssey

Don’t question

Your answer is in question

Leave it as plants’ photomorphogenesis

As love-diamonds are worth more than zillion of golden enamels

As flowers defining the springs of magical offspring

Tell Misogyny to love Misandry

It is time to give more and more and more rejuvinating hugs

And where the means and meanings can multiply love inertia

So walls and mirrors can play the harmonica

In the parade of radiating unpainted love-lotuses

The paramour’s unconditional canvas.


© Ceri Naz/ 2015 Philippines



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