Sumaira Servat

Sumaira Servat

Sumaira Servat


Sumaira Servat was born in a literary background grew up with an amazing sense of inquisitiveness and a strong imagination. She received her early education in Lahore Pakistan, after matriculation she was got admitted in Queen Marry College Lahore, she qualified Intermediate from there opting the subject of English Literature. Her father inspired and encouraged her to opt English Literature as she was by nature highly imaginative and observant. Later on her father was transferred from Lahore to Islamabad, consequently she had to shift herself along with her family, and she did graduation from Islamabad. But memories of the time she passed in Lahore, always remained with her as a priceless asset. Later on she did her masters in English Language and Literature from FG F-7/2 College Islamabad.


She got married in 1997, soon after her marriage she worked as a teacher in Linguistics in the Ministry of Defence in Julia Cant, Taxila. It is a town which has remains of prehistoric period. But on account of some inevitable circumstances, she had to quit the job after 10 months. She had to move along with her husband to Karachi as her husband  had his professional commitments.


She was blessed with two kids, a daughter and a son, she went through very crucial anf nerve breaking phases of domestic violence and hardships which proved traumatic throughout her married years. She received training in Yoga from Parsi Guru from Karachi and Mumbai. Later on she again shifted back to Islamabad in the year 2005 and got her first book published under the title ‘Idraak’. It consists of blank verse published in the year 2006; it contains her poetry written from the age 9 to 35. Most of her poems were translated into English by Muhammad Shanazar, a prominent contemporary poet and translator from Pakistan.


When “Idraak” was being published, she was passing through the toughest times of her life as her marriage was already on the verge of wreck. She compiled another book of Urdu poetry but it is still unpublished. She kept herself constantly writing and observing human behaviour in personal relationships but she found it bitter and intolerable. Sumaira Servat took refuge in writing and found solace and peace in literature. She worked as Editor English in Pakistan Academy of Letters and produced several international magazines.  With the passage of time her domestic crisis grew more gruesome and finally she decided to get separation from her husband.


As it has already been mentioned that most of her poems have been translated into English, recently she has been awarded ‘The International Best Poet Prize 2014’ by International Poetry Translation and Research Centre China.


At present she maintains herself by her own means and earns as an independent person through her wonderful yoga skills. She has set up her own yoga studio, at her residence in Islamabad. She is very serious in writing poetry; it seems she has set a very high goal that is why her poetic journey represents her vigorous passion, she is very optimistic and hopeful for her poetic career in future.

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