EDITORIAL : A Brand New Rose in the Garden of Albanian Literary Universe / LITERARY MAGAZINE ATUNIS NR.3 – 4 , MAY 2016 – A PUBLICATION OF POETICAL GALAXY “ ATUNIS”





A Brand New Rose in the Garden of Albanian Literary Universe


Atunis Magazine comes as a prelude to sensations of contemporary Albanian art and embodies the values and individual literary work of poets, writers, translators and national and international scholars that are focused in writing poetry, essays and literary criticism.  Apart from this, our magazine will serve as an ongoing bridge that will help identify the best cultural and spiritual values in Albanian literature.

Such a magic universe of word styles attracts all of us towards the ridges and valleys of muses and fantasies, it leads you towards western horizons, it succumbs you in the deepest quarters of pleasure, it gives, brings a renaissance towards the sunrise with morning dew, takes you towards skies of flying birds, the skies which are radiant in the shining lights of fiery stars and always embraces and impresses all of us without even noticing it within the gravity of sentiments, eloquence and greatness of artistic thoughts.


In the pages of this magazine, right at the beginning, there has been given a special priority to convey literary works, not only at the national plane but also internationally, in order to facilitate the common flow of different currents towards a universal thought, and above all, inclusion of readers within instants of subjective works, of attractive exploratory themes, at the same time as creative and metaphoric practices of arts in general.

Literature as a component of cultural description of all times, has emerged through a myriad number of shapes and forms and all this surge has only one objective, that of reflecting thoughts of essence throughout all times, as well as unraveling metaphysical subjects for more development, for more prosperity and social emancipation.  In this context and within a variety of genres that have been shaped, here comes today the sculpture of our ideas, in order to discuss and serve as a mirror image of literary summaries which have been published here, lights and shadows of concepts, although it may always come against us.

The art of words in itself is a deep process of thought, the experience and inspiration of feelings and sublime emotions, it is a harmonious amalgamation with the endless nature of men without forgetting the stage of this theater that while on progress should evolve with dynamism, an expressive power and crafting of ideas.

In the focus of these literary trends there have emerged the expansions in time, space and geography of thoughts, conceptualized models of waves and truncated concepts and formal rules, vision of reasoning and perception of diversity within freedom of individual creation.

The presence of tools and new technological concepts have brought the world of arts into a new era of changes, very often debated on the way literary information has been treated, but what is serving as the foundation and all the perceptive sensations is the fact that all is published on paper, as a possibility of touching, paging and then a superior scale of feelings.  In the garden of Albanian literary universe today is born a new rose, which brings an all-heartedly new color that will further decorate the literary landscape of Albanian literature.


Editorial Board of “ATUNIS”




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