Poems by Maria Miraglia

maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia





It’s raining outside
and I can see blinding flashes
followed by threatening thunders
that seem to pierce the sky

Yet, it was clear the sky before
and cloudless
as always at evenings
in May

Rain is falling in torrents
as the lightenings and thunders

It is as though the weather wished
to participate of my sadness

My mind going back to
distant facts and circumstances
that have given me so great emotions
enriched my soul and
brightened my days

But you feel, within you, at times
as if spaces and time could expand
and go further and further away

Unaware strings move
the mechanisms of your inmost self
and the emotions
they too change their color
their mood

A gesture, a word
that come unforeseen
to bring turmoil
darken your mind
wither your heart


By Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved 2014


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