Poems by Dr. Prerna Singla

Dr prerna

Poems by Dr. Prerna Singla





Mine love, mine lord!

Liberate me from the shackles of myself

Like the free wind let me dwell

Like the fragrance let me flow

Sucking the nectar of every flower

Soaking the warmth of every ray

Let me be nature, let nature be me

Intertwin’d delicacy

O solitude! mine cater-cousin thou be

Unravelling the secrets of beauty

I see with thy eyes

With thou I make love

On the ice capp’d peaks

In the depth of the seas

Floating in the blue lagoons

Walking on the starry skies

Let me be divine, let divine be me

Intertwin’d delicacy!








In the realm of deceit

A heart solicitous I met

Seal’d in a ferric cage,

Hypnotis’d I was.


Contusions on skin mine

Were the marks of his love

Pain became pleasure

Hypnotis’d I was.


Mine heart wrenching assassination

Brought about by the bayonet of love

I gave up on my life

Hypnotis’d I was.


© Dr. PRERNA SINGLA, 02 OCT. 2015






My Sigri burnt the beams of Wood

And my hut turned to coal

Devoured the foundations rut

Kept my house standing in cold.


The dunes of snow turned crimson red

Soaked in blood of all

The singing breezes screaming dead

As corses turned to corpses old


Aura that witnessed tip toed steps

Echoed with shots and roars

The friendly faces turned fiend

Bullets the very allies hold.


And my Sigri burnt the beams of wood

My hut just turned to coal.





One thought on “Poems by Dr. Prerna Singla

  1. Prerna loved the verses – loved Kashmir – the pain, the anguish you have portrayed so well with your worlds –

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