Poems by Diksha Sharma


Poems by Diksha Sharma





I mesmerize the time

Of my childhood that

I spent in village with

You grandma as those

Were some splendid days

That I never ever forget


Though the time

When you scolded

Me for going on farms

Alone with cousins


The time when you

Always shouted at me

For not being able to cook

But also cherish the moments

When you appreciated me

For being a good young lady

In front of others and always

Blessed me with your flawless


Smile and glowing eyes



Ribirth of a broken girl


She sat on her window

Mesmerizing the love


That changed her life

Though she always tried


To let go of her emotions

And the feeling which she has


So she started

Thinking to herself


What is stopping her to let go of him?

Why is she crying over a guy

who made her life miserable?

Why is she feeling alone

despite of having so much to do with life?


Though she don’t get her answer

But promised herself to lead

A splendiferous life.



His Muse


Chaos in his head

Wandering in millions

Of imaginations and places


Though the moments

Are blur as they are old now


However, he tries to

Capture a beautiful moment

Of an old romantic memory


When he first kissed her

As she became his muse

And his poetic verse


He mesmerize her

From his heart everyday

And everynight since she

Left him all alone and broken


He became a poet

Writing poetic verse

And sonnets as a

Tribute to his only

Love in his lifetime

Whom he loved

With all his soul.



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