HOW MANY TIMES / Poem by Saraswati Poswal

Poem by Saraswati Poswal






How many times…

She will sacrifice…

She is the women..

Of this era…

Have to prove it all the time..


Why she is not equal..

Why she is only one..

To earn and feed her children..

Giving the all aounce of her food to..

Make her children survive…


I am the women of this era..

Than why I am not treated equal..

Why I have to be surving all my relation..

In last why all come and snatch my bite..


I am the women of libral nations…

I think I am equal to all man in my sight..

Why I am drenched in tears…

Snatched all my earning by my husband..

Not to fill the fees..

Just to drink the wine…


How many times…

I more will sleep awaken…

Burning my heart in anger…

Why god made me women…


@Saraswati Poswal





Saraswati Poswal


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