Poems by SWANSH


Poems by SWANSH



Defiant Beauty 


What do you find in my looks?
Probably a terse breeze of colors
Or maybe you might consider
There a little bit of arrogance

But before you judge BE ME
And feel the hues within me
That never once did i flinch
From the nitty gritty of life

Do you appreciate the beauty?
That I radiate from within me
Or do you just caress the looks
That you see outside of me

Do you see the colors as husky?
Or the brush strokes of divine
Do you feel the breath that I take?
Or do you breathe haughtily now

The Hairs are lifetime’s care
The eyebrows a dome to Within
The eyelashes are the gatekeepers
To the divinity that I am

The eyes are my silent words
The nose is my only chords
And the lips are they inviting?
No they defy the wafts of sails

And do you know about my neck
Its where the stones become gems
It’s the sacred space for garlands
Of two loving and kind hands

Each bit of me that you see
Is nothing but a creation
Of the ultimate sculpture
Who doesn’t know colors

Doesn’t know race or creed
He only creates what he feels
He only fills the color of his heart
To communicate only one word
Love Love Love Love!



The Mystique Downpour

The lush green life of wilderness
Is in awe of what to say or express
Its beauty being drenched in bliss
Oh the wondrous surrender

For the divine life giver in rain
It finds the soul’s contentment
Each drop of rain that caresses
Becomes an eternal soul talk

The greenish hues bow their being
In love and awe of the petrichor
That brings back the receding life
From the brink of autumn ravine

Can there be another scene sublime
To capture in its truest beauty
Than two eternities meeting perchance
In the forever eternal moments of now

It is so very rare to capture the reality
As it is with supple brush strokes
On a canvas as it poured sweetly
In the garden of yore years of youth.



Pearls of Happiness

Chaos everywhere creating a conundrum
Rush hours keep the breaths restless
Technology snatching moments away
Nature becomes a mere bystander

In perception this is how I see my life
The other side of the coin glistening
In its own serene pace and moments
Nature never joins this mad rush

Towards a blind alley we are heading to
Where we shall grope for few breathes
And the slipped moments just keep smiling
At our belligerence and tempestuous way

A little nod on a small accomplishment
A little smile to a complete stranger
A little yes of mutual understanding
A little whiff of refreshing breeze

An onrushing little pet at home
A cuddle and hug from a child
A tickle from a loved one in silence
Aren’t these the pearls of happiness

That we overlook, though we experience
Yet how absent minded we become
In our pursuit behind certain mirages
We fall short of living the moments.



A Show Down

An artist has his own ways to express
And only he knows the soul in the fest
Of colours, things, life and the rest
I as an onlooker just admire and test
Not the prowess or the strokes or drips
But the depth of my vision and the scripts
Which were not written but portrayed
Painstakingly through languish or laughter
When we are busy plying our fields of life
Someone somewhere gets busy in capturing
The moments of agony, pain, sufferings
On a white or black or any coloured paper
As if to show to the nature, look here
Its not only you who worked the moments
Here in this captured still moments
I present to you humane equivalent of you.



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