Poems by Farida Zmijani Ramadani


Poems by Farida Zmijani Ramadani



Your name


Every time I want to write a name,

Your letter comes the first,

I want to dispel it, but I don’t know how…

Why every word starts from You?!


I try and try….

I feel my eyes, they are enraged,

I just begin again to write,

The letters with your name are playing!


I remove the sheet, take another,

Again resembles the same sheet…

So strongly your name is rooted,

It does not leave the sheet, even you shout!


Obliged, I call strongly,

Like a spoiled child is expressed in joy,

From creasy, the letter is straightened up,

Suddenly the same letters are arranged!


Smilingly, I gather them,

Again your name I accompany,

I look for the meaning, looking with my heart,

The same name the eyes seek insistently!



You envy me


When I am talking,

You are there.

When I am reading,

You are next to me,

When I begin to sing,

We are singing together.

When I am stammering,


And you “remain silent “…

But when I am shouting

Why do you shout?!

I understand,

You envy me.

How are your eyes moving!



Free tears


Like a small snowslip,

The tears rolled down the cheeks,

Without stopping,

It shines like a pearl,

How it hides the happiness!…


A “sick “heart,

Persistently seeks remedy,

Nebulous world,

Will purify the sight,

Is looking for the rainbow…

Later I feel, I feel,

It will depart to illuminate…

In the solar way South – Nord…

The tears will remain,

Somewhere in a corner,

Altogether like tears in oblivion…



I bring back the lost moment


The tired lips hurt,

They want to wipe with the rubber,

In the sleep and in the meditation,

The word: “My soul“…


The beautiful feelings,

With the ugliest,

Again they stay together,

Sometimes they enter inside,

Sometimes they stay outside…


So… the soul forgives you?

Do you think that it does not understand?

It seems that there is something in you,

That shines.


You enjoy the smile,

The dreams have remained “without being painted “,

Unwritten in the sky,

Like an unfinished text…


The clouds did not stay in a place,

They became scarified with rhythm,

They quarrel,

And again they join each-other…

Now seriously

To leave me again

Without mind…


Hurriedly, I take the courage,

To be happy again,

To bring the lost moment

To magic again!



A shadow in two worlds


It flew in the sky…

And went to the Paradise…

But, since then

The bones, abandoned

The flesh…

It keeps moving like a silhouette

Like a shadow in this world,

But even there,

You will be like shadow…

Our spirits

Joined strongly…

I haven’t forgotten

The beautiful words,

When on the earth I told you,

Wait me, because even there,

The spirits

Will be in peace together!



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