Peace I ask / Claudia Piccinno

3. Claudia Piccinno

Claudia Piccinno

Author foreground with effect in June 2015 the World Group Pentasi B, and In Oup archives international since May 2016, she works to promote poetry based on respect and appreciation of differences. Scholastic referent land for education at reading. She has received awards in major national and international competitions of poetry, (including an honorable mention in the Paris 1st Word Literary Prize and a 3rd prize in Lugano, Switzerland, 3rd prize in Albania); her poem “In Blue” is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). Recently she was art director in an art & poetry international exhibition called June in Italy She is italian editor of the international literary magazine Rosetta World Literatura in Turkey and of Atunis Magazine in Albania. She has been the first italian poetess to be awarded with The Stelae of Rosetta, World Literary Prize in Istanbul on November 2016.


Peace I ask
Peace I ask
peace and serenity are the fairies i pray
to weave my son’s tomorrow
peace first of all in the eyes of every man
in interpersonal relationships
in the coexistence on Earth among the natural kingdoms
May the deer drink from the source without drain it.
May the ant survive the winter
May the butterfly change her dayin an eternal dance without any border.
Peace and serenity in the roundtables
of our governor
as it was that of the founding fathers
when the good of the country was the primary interest.
Peace and serenity in equo-solidal associations
in the blue-economy and in the hospitals
where the hours turn the lancets into beams.
Peace I ask and serenity I hope
for those who make of mankind their own creed
for those who occupy a limbo not required.

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