Poems by Lily Swarn


Poems by Lily Swarn
The Sun Rose
Gold dust
perched on sentinel trees
Igniting a golden fire
The sun God sending his minions
To light up his path with sparklers
It’s time to stretch your limbs
And awaken the fuzzy brain
Its today once again
And only the lord knows the agenda
How many killed in accidents
Or who will be blown in a blast ?
Whose home will see a new born
And where the lilies will bloom
Which roof will be soaked with rain
Which farmer will die of hunger ?
How will I win this election
Is my promotion not overdue ?
who will I need to bribe
To get that contract today
Will my home be built next year
Will the crops fail again ?
The sun was peeping out now
Furtively from behind the tallest tree
He was smiling today
Yawning the yawn of the rested
Wearing his favourite orange robe
Ready to light up lives
Or burn them up to cinders
Copyright Lily Swarn 19.2.2017
A red rosebud
A red rose bud
Loved by all
Ensheathed in its own
Perfection laced beauty
A haseena if ever
there was one
Overly misunderstood
Symbol of grandiose sentiments
As well as the simplest of all
emotions .blood soaked
Doused in tremulous sentiments
Of pre teen crushes
Gracing royal banquets
With a regal pomposity
Offered at gravestones
With brine oozing grief
Adorning the bride
With stars in her eyes
Strewn on the nuptial bed
With intoxicating scents
The crimson red mystery cloaked
Perfumed with oriental ittars
The English rose
Coy and blushing
The desi one fragrant
Heady and mesmerizing
The rose jam gulkand
Sweetening your paan
The beauties of yore
Bathing in rose waters
A rose by any other name
How ever could one imagine ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 18.2.2017

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