Poems by Soumitra Talukder


Soumitra Talukder
A businessman, he is proficient in the field of International Trading, and Bulk Ship chartering, etc. From science and technology back ground as being a student of Chemical engineering from College of engineering, Andhra University, India.
He has active interest in history, literature and political science. He is also a naturalist and writes for various anthologies in humanity and love poem editions published worldwide.
Also authors poems in year books from Bengali association of Japan (Batj ) through Indian High commission Japan.
Poems by Soumitra Talukder
Secret of a smile
You have seen the glee in my laughter, time in rapture
My eyes glistened in shines of merry
Looking for a clue of caper in gesture
Yet lay hidden were the countless console
In ameliorate of varied emotion
Feel my heart, if at all there laid a spirit of free in you,
If only, you can look beyond the chasm of allure
Place you hand on my heart where it pains
If you want t to know the real me
Feel the mirth as if you were in trance, for moments of joy
Wherein hedged, were your laments, for your wishes of hilarity
This time see the fledgling flap it’s will in qualm
To fly in the horizon on the wings of my frenzy
This time see me through my eyes of content in my grace
To feel the charm in splendor in your eyes of elegance
Close your eyes while you open your soul in solace
Create a sculpture of art in finesse of lenity
A grandiose as it can be, in a creation of beauty
© Soumitra Talukder, 11th Feb 2017
I tell my heart,
Be wary of the scent of a rose at will
but for the peril of a thorn beneath it!
While one fades in dreams of memory,
The other guards the paths of Destiny!
Till the time the bell rings in the pantheon of hope
You can wish for a prayer for her to be near
What could be given more, but a few twisted words of emotion!
The expression in vain
Who knows, for the cavern of a charming prince glades her heart in lure
And you are left with her essences in times of demure.
Grace your piety in the chasm of your ardor
Give all you can, but ask not what may be in return
The price of love is beyond all mean
It lay in the apprize of a hidden treasure
Hapless you may be, longing for a moment in smile,
To forget the pains of mortal in shades of desolate.
All the while you search for the clarity in your crave
The cue in your fealty and the elusion of your dream
© Soumitra Talukder, 15th Feb 2017
The poem of a dream
It so may happened that I am blessed in my cherish,
And I would wish to be a bird in solace,
I would have flown then in pursuit of you.
Up in the skyline, in search of your essence.
If at all I felt wary in paths of blithe
And for the angst in the caress of your smile
I would vivify the brace in your beauty
And the crave for the longing in your poise
How it would be with you even for moments in myth
To feel the touch in your presence
It’s been long since I had a dream in resonance
In reverie and the deceit of your romance
A flower to enfolds that enlivens my world
Could you whisper on my name for once!
To wake me from the dilemma of my trance
And to create a few lyrics in your brace
© Soumitra Talukder, 25th Jan 2017

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