BACHA POSH / Poem by Luz María López

Poem by Luz María López
Free myself of isolation chains
all obscurity surrounding my mind
the walls that deny existence
open now the entrances of liberty
let me be a self beyond the curtains
that blinds all light, dampening the spirit,
for a bird is about to die!
I will gladly hide my soft curves
while the fresh air hits my face
with the flavor of danger
the sting of manhood
ruling the world.
Luz María López
*basha posh – afghan world for girl that becomes a boy in order to survive a misogynist culture
March 8, 2017: International Women’s Day.
For some, there is nothing to celebrate.

One thought on “BACHA POSH / Poem by Luz María López

  1. Nice quiet rhythm that makes one feel the ordeal of the girl imprisoned in a world dominated by muscular tyranny. Is it her destiny to depart her own identity to live in the others’ identity, to overcome the other’s ugliness. It is a suicide to be not one’s own self

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