A SIMPLE REMINDER, TO ME, TO YOU! / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard



When I give you pain, wounds, a hell, iron
I don’t know how to give you, my Love.
When I don’t forgive my, your mistakes,
I want to rinse the edge of the world,
the peak of black end of time,
to dry my tears, your tears,
forget the black past.

When I don’t forgive me, you, all
I do not know how to admit it.
My pride, ego, selfissness
like (a mountain) rises
mountains between us,
steals my self-esteem,
my ability to mend
the world, myself.

Pride corrodes iron, character, ruins my will
and instead of understanding you, a little
I get blind, unexplored ocean depth,
drowned. Wilderness lengthens
strengthens the wild wind,
darkens the mind.
See me in the light
like dawn, my light,
I know, you know
how to forgive.
Pray with me,
daylight, soul
till darkness

© Roula Pollard
All rights reserved
Google photos/artworks


Roula Pollard

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