Introducing you all with book ” Seagls in the Blue”  by Maria Miraglia. / FOREWORD by Agron Shele

Introducing you all with book ” Seagls in the Blue”  by Maria Miraglia.



Maria Miraglia is an Italian author since long appeared in the Olympus of the contemporary literature and poetry. Between the light and shade of thought, the metaphysical sense, the eloquence of speech and deep conceptions, she brings in her verses the colours of her soul and numerous stimuli for the messages they convey. The poet immediately surprises with her style, essentially in free verse, a structure that offers the opportunity to express the artistic symbolism but also to linger and grasp the meanings in the confines of larger spaces and new dimensions. Her poetic art immerses you in the depths of her vision and feelings and from this other world rise reflections on the life pattern, the temporal coherence that, as in a vision, awaken the passion and desire to run to perfection, almost impossible to achieve, and often overlapped by the dualistic layers of the human being. The poet that appears to be from a mystical far away journey, gets down to the banquet of the poetic muse to illuminate the shadows and the surrounding vortices that rise from the human thinking and with a challenging attitude she presents the sacred goals and free will that must characterize our consciences, as a psychological form, but also as a reason for reflection.

Maria Miraglia

The naturalness and ease in the performance of her art, but also the deep penetration into the essence of both sensory and imaginary phenomena, makes possible the aesthetic form of her mind, with all its figurative components but also bearer of vital messages. The reference to the word, the careful selection and expressive power, the encoding and the illumination through the implicit sub-themes, the metaphysical notion, create a tableau, that the reader has to follow in detail, in order to understand the form and content of the image that conceals many bright connotations in itself. To provide a clearer idea of the artistic production of this author, let us reflect on some poetic aspects such as the processing of motives, but also the ideological and philosophical conception.

“Words like butterflies

I see freely fly

proud of their thousand meanings

aware they seem to be

of their might”

In the poem above, words are compared to butterflies flying light in the air giving rise to a sensation of fluid touches and soft puffs of a never- ending magic. The thought articulated by the words, is the expression of the imagination, as a necessity of the exultation of pulses, a kind of consciousness that tends to show or decipher the situation. Also, it is the manifestation of the knowledge associated with the elements of the surrounding world that while highlighted raises the very image of the person who depicted them.

In the evolution of the poetic expression, the words come as light traces of mental brightness, fragile but also as propagators, that like stardust, reveal, in the silence of the night, the occult, the mysticism, the multiple messages and the unspoken things of our subconscious. The poetry Smoke Circle comes as a fragment which, through the wisps of smoke, represents the memories that emerge suddenly, shrouded in the fog of the past, lost in the confines of one time and returned, among the waves of loving, melancholic, stirred feelings. On a wider level it also represents a clash, in the intuitiveness of the time between past and present, felt as two worlds apart.

“A cigarette lighted

in the dark and

the memories of

some others smoked

surface ”


While from a philosophical point of view, the viciousness of the circle puts constantly questions about the mission the human being has to fulfill, makes us reflect on the path already undertaken and the need of man to find his way back to himself offering the thought infinite space and all the hues of the life’s colors.

The lyric poetry which, undoubtedly, occupies a large space in the literary production of this author, is attained through the fusion with the elements of nature, as the chirping of birds in the early morning or the rustling of leaves in the wind, the beautiful serenades to the moon.

Sounds that touch the sensitivity and are full of artistic expressions, feelings of true love and candid almost eternal dreams.

“Write for me

a love poem

when the moon

her maids calls to clothe

with shining pearls

the dark dome”


The poem “Write for me” also comes as the representation of the union of the soul with the universe. The dark dome is illuminated by bright stars that ignite passion, expression of an inner feeling but also of human significant desires.

The whole poetic production of this author comes as deep inspiration, as knowledge of the philosophy of thought, as the eloquence of a verse inebriated by the spirit of the muses and that, through the imagery and a new creativity, shows that vision and rich world which will bring a new lymph in the culture and the universality of contemporary literature. Her poetry represents more than a contemporary tinge on the world’s writing canvas as it is, full of light and with the traces of a deep emotional cohesion of the awareness of time and of a ceaseless effort to reach the borders of a future increasingly universal.


 Agron Shele

Poet and Writer

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