Poems by Opal Ingram

Poems by Opal Ingram


She Did Brush The Sun By With A Smile

She did brush the sun by
for the gentle wind to move
silently, like an whisper
the color of the sun was
an cloud less ember
it was mid-day
in a mist.

The sun was bare
with a touch of warmth
she could hear the sounds of water
from the pond below, she saw the tree
branches meet.

She brush the sun by with a smile
the air felt cool over her shoulder

Poem- She Did Brush The Sun By With A Smile.
by – Opal Ingram(c)
aka- Poetress Mystic


Memorize In The Moment

You were the wind`

You never mind the storms of life
you only bring things quiet at nature door.

you have a chemistry with a melody soft with
a flow.

As we lay above the fine grass
Our view` the sky above so mellow so bright.


by – Opal Ingram
aka- Poetress Mystic

Poem – Memorize In The Moment

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author by – Opal Ingram
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