Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Wind of words blow everywhere..
Founder of life oscillate the thoughts..
Give peace or support are words ..
Vibes of words stimulate our lives…
Words never get expired..
Words can never be burn in fire..
Words can help you making the empire..
Words may demolish all captured by running whole life..
Words can be soft and light..
Words can be harsh and vigorous..
Words work as explosive..
Words can create new gardens in the valley s of life…
Words are our real crops for health..
Words might work as toxicating diets..
Words attract you..
Words distracts you from others sight..
Bond of souls are words…
This is all what I derived…
Presented in front of all in my simple words…
Hope you all like..
@Saraswati POSWAL
You have to merge in all…
With whole heart and soul..
Than only you get all what is required and suitable for your soul…
Firstly, you have to merge in all..
Air,water, soul and soul..
Than you get all…
Submission and solubility needs each act from the depth and pure …
It’s not the matter of quantity..
It is matter of quality..
Than only you glore..
No thirst for the lust..
No melaace of lossing..
No piss can dissolve..
Good morning to all my dear sweet friends..have a great day all.
@Saraswati POSWAL
Somewhere I have beenbuilding my rainbow..
That too with love and devotion..
All dedication of work…
With peace preserved in my thoughts…
Now reflected out in my job..
As the sky was in peace …
Watching the whole globe..
Preserving or demolishing…
Nature’s assets on the globe..
Rivers, mountains, forests
Watching in peace the accessive heat
Produced by humans for them to glow..
Some where droughts, somewhere floods..
Somewhere access of rain…
Breaking peace of all elements..
Want peace? grow plants more..
Live and let Live..
Love,adore and help..
The upcoming generation…
Somewhere in peaceful mind
Can we think of others for giving peaceful sight, no more fight no blood shed for your future bright…
Make the globe a peaceful planet.

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