Maki Starfield

Maki Starfield
Poet, Translator. Born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, and then got the diploma of International business management (post graduate) with Honors from Niagara College and the certificate of TESOL from St.George International College in Canada. She began to make haiku in 2008, where she became recipient of a prize at the 12th annual Mainichi Haiku Contest. On February of 2012, she published a new collection, “Kiss the Dragon.”
She has recently been performing as a painter as well as a poet. She participated in Design Festa Vol.40 in Tokyo Big Site in 2014 and recently contemporary art exhibitions. She won a prize at the contemporary art (kindaibijutsu) association’s public recruitment exhibition in 2017.
She is a member of Japan Universal Poets Association. She is also a regular member of Sokyu and Sawa in Japanese haiku associates.
Japanese-English Bilingual Books: “Duet of Dots” co-authored with Naran Matos in 2015, “Duet of Lines” co-authored with Luca Benassi, “Trio of Crystals” co-authored with Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald in 2017. “Trio of Gardens” co-authored with Lidia Chiarelli and Huguette Bertrand, “Duet of Fireflies” (Bill Wolak) in 2018,“Duet of Doors” (Yesim Agaoglu) in 2018.
Rose Vase
With your eyes closed, you are a rose, one in a million. You are a rose, intoxicated by the rose named sex.
I will kneel down before you.
The ecstasy-fragrant rose that my trembling chest embraces
In the region of my spreading thighs
There is a grassy place filled with scents
A dewy rosebud is awaiting your invitation.
Like a solicitor of dreams, lying easily above me
Your fingertips unconcernedly play with the emblem of the rose.
The rose of confusion approaches the rose of ecstasy
I want to hear the sigh of the rose whose passion cannot be extinguished
You are a vase of one million roses.
The painting on the vase is panting sensually.
Tokimeki na Koi no Monogatari
The crush of love comes suddenly, somehow or other.
Instead of rushing around with melancholy,
it is hanging around somewhere.
a crush on love comes here
very lively and thrilled
Because it’s full of confidence
it resembles the shadow of life’s shine rather than
The crush of love growing up
it seems to be walking
In truth, it comes walking alone.
No matter where I look
there are no words or colors,
burning fireflies —
They can be expressed by the notation Hugh. There’s no doubt that I love you.
I whisper that in your ear, When it resonates also to me
You will be throbbing
Our everlasting exciting feeling I hope we share together.
In a Field of Stars
something is glistening…
the eyes of a snake, perhaps?
shadows on the grass playing all day long
a butterfly rests on a flower still trembling
the clap of wings—
a bird flies off into the distance
sap rising in the trees
tomorrow’s silvery dew
is not far away
and some drops reached
the clouds, the heavens
and now roam the earth
one drop fell on a rose
another is on a leaf—
the breath of autumn
entering the waterfall
of your silence
now, the first rays of morning sunlight fall
on your body
I am the wind
that shakes the barley
clouds hide the moon beloved,
where is your face?
softly creeping into a cave
sparkling stars
above the weight of life
I wander in a field of stars
one lonely firefly.

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