Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma


Human of the future “pilgrimage “

Count your rainbows not
Your thunder storms
Declare your feelings not
With platinum diamond love
But define your journey with
Truthful love
Unique only to you and me
Would it compromise intimate
Captivating gazes or
Reassuring warmth immortalising
The flawless power
That love has over it
Your love story is simply
Meant to be between us
Indeed was crafted by universe
And put down to the timeless
Each band uniquely defines
A story of time less love
Curated in love words
Studded with moonlit diamonds
Intricate tacit details
On two different paths now
But intertwined forever
Beautiful journey of immortal
Unconditional love
Scented magic in the air
Mystic lights towards unknown
Dreamers awaken
But far off lovers unite
In pilgrimage !!!


Ray Kurzweil

To departed souls
Death song ( Mrityu Geet )

Agar tumane kuch gungunaya n hota
To mere iss mrtityu Geet ne janam paaya n hota .
Kissi se bhi bhaybheet nahin hoon main ab
Jaanata hriday mera barason se tujhe
Ek ke baad ek har Priyajan ko cheena
Lagata sab ko tujhse Bhay Kyon?
Aur Kyon dushbar jeena?

Hriday ki Anant gehraayeeon main
Ek adrishay andekha pratibimb
Jo mera hai
Binna kissi sugbugahat ke
Dabbe Paanv chalee Aana
Hey mrityu is par sarvapratham
Adhikar Tera hai !

Kshan bhar ki pehchaan thi meri
Is mrityu Geet se
Jo ab Jeevan ki ksanilk chanchalata ki Ulhaas banegi
Har ek Jeevan Darshan ki
Nihshabad nihsandeh ab
Madhur Milan ki Aas banegi !!


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