Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal


They are not mine..

Is soul
The journey is mine
In the gathering
I find
More lonely
Gossips is not
My kind
My heart
In those lonely
I love my heart
Unique and motivating
This is my style
I am born to be different
Whole life changed
My attitude
Not to break
My heart
For any one
When I know
They are not mine…



Kya khub nishani banai hei Shah Jahan ne.
Apni begum ky naam sari zindagani likh daali Shah Kahan ne..

Ulfat mei log esa bhi kar jate hein…
Apni muhhabat ko yaad rakhne ke liy..
Khud ka wajood mita ke apna naam kar jate hein..

Itni zado jehed se usne wo pathar mangawaya tha..
Safed doodh sa chamkta wo khub hei..

Chanda ki chandni mein wo to lagta hoor hei..
Apni nigrani mein banwaya tha Shah Jahan ne isy…

Usy apne dil pe or bharosa majdooron pe bahoot tha..
Or na koi Taj bna sake kiya intzaam Shah Jahan ne bahoot khub tha…

Badi hei adaygi rhi hogi begum Mumtaz mein..
Warna biwiyan to bahoot thi unke pyaar mein..

Rasme ulfat nibhane ka pegam deta hei Taj..
Sari duniya ko jalan hei, etraaz hei humare paas kyon nhi ‘Hindustan’ ke paas kyon hei ‘Taj’.



Spending days of life properly is not the name of life..
Its all memories which make our days remarkable, memorable in our sight..
What we offer others..
We find same perpectuals in life..
Life is not of finite things..
Materials achievments..
Feelings are the main asset of life..
Vistas are implemented by spordic people..
Jijjy times of life sometimes bring us to messa ..
Where you have no options…
Still you survive..
So let the life flow spontaniously..
Collecting the memories with lithe and lingo..
Do not waste waste spending moments in making yourself Luminary..
Look at lusty moon..
Comes and goes..
But never lose its limpid image..

Good night to all my dear sweet friends…
Hope You all like my write..!!

@Saraswati Poswal


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