Call for Submissions : INDIA FROM ANTIQUITY TO INDEPENDENCE / Shankar N Kashyap, Shivputra Kanade & Sunita Paul

From the house of #VishwabharatiResearchCentre and #SahityaAnand, we, bring you an exclusive and exciting anthology of short stories.

The history of India from antiquity is filled with a psychedelic colour of events and happenings. History is not just a boring review of dates and names. You must have heard/read/watched folktales/stories/books/cinema/drama/musicals in your life about what happened over the last five thousand years till the independence in 1947. We want to you to write a short story in your own words after choosing one of the categories given below :-

Vedic Age
Classic age
Mauryan Empire
Delhi sultanante
Mughal Empire
The Marathas
The British Empire

Looking forward for your participation.
Warm Regards,
Shankar N Kashyap
Shivputra Kanade
Sunita Paul


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