Poems by Otteri Selvakumar

Poems by Otteri Selvakumar 


Heart is what?

Don’t talk
Keep quite
Say with your eye’s
I’m agree
About your
Eye’s angry
It is so much
Fire on my heart
You see
In my eye’s
Waiting for dropping
Now you
Don’t do…
That’s means
You want miss
With me break
Of love?
Are broken
With love?

One thing
I’m sure
With say
About you my dear
Anything about
My heart Enjoy
That means
My heart is
Not now heart
It is bleeding
Rock ….
Yes rock….



Sea waves
With you
About jumping
And laughing
Lovely playing
All about
With water
Air making fun
Sea waves are
To without of
Hearty love

Magical dance
About natural
Of love…

What a magic?
I’m asking sea waves
Jump on nice sounds
Smiles with sand
With you and my foot print…

With smiles…
Just now…


Fun Of Love


I’m not
In Your enemy
You are only
About. Your

You fighting
With me best

You hurts
With me Fun

You bite
With me huge


So sweet
About with you

You think mode
I’m sure about
Your enemy
Now I’m..

I’m not fine
With your love

So I’m enemy
With You…
Then you also
Enemy not
Only with me
About with love and
Your self..

What a great
Fun of love….


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