SARASWATI POSWAL’S POETRY / By: Manthena Damodara Chary



By: Manthena Damodara Chary 

Mrs. Saraswati Poswal is an exquisitely enthusiastic poet savouring the nectar of love in moonlit nights What an endearing notion it is to set love in motion watching breathtaking beauty in the star-studded night. The idea is relishable beyond age Love is an eternal passion surpassing the length of time and space.The conception embalms aching hearts and exhorts them to leap with genuine joy beyond bounds.Se often feel love refreshingly rejuvenating.Love is certainly the essence of existence contributing a lot for our longevity

Mrs..Poswal had her maiden anthology MUSING SHOWERS launched at Kalinga Festival at Bhubaneswar in the month of June 2017.She has won many awards for her lovely poetry leaving indelible impressions on the minds of readers. She deserves the honours bestowed on her in recognition of her unusual poetic talent.

It is amazing to see the poet amuse the Muse with her verses wondrously woven around the lofty there of love .” The night aching with fullness of youth ‘’ seizes our whole attention Nights filled with beans of the moonlight cause us immense delight. Lovers are seen ‘ hugging each other thinking of twilight. Love usually flourishes deliciously at night. It is in full bloom gleaming through gloom. Lovers seem whispering in the ears of the twinkling stars and muttering mellowing moans to the moon. It is the illustrious intuition.of the poet is to adore the moon with her verses.

“ In the rain of moon showers
Each verse of my own
Absorbs the slumber “

The idea of love cherished in the anthology is rapturously reassuring..Lovers leave their prejudice to grasp the reverberating notes of melodious music wafted to them through breeze.

Saraswati Poswal

The realisation dawns on the post that the purpose of life is to seek serenity. One is busy
“ trying to find tranquility in every aspect of life. “
We should take cognisance of the fact that it is our bonding duty to stay calm in all stormy situations in life.Those who embrace sorrow with endurance can build heir better tomorrow.

I am opulently optimistic that Mrs.Saraswati Poswal will go on refining the finesse of her poetry to cater to the requirements of the lovers of poetry in the world. I earnestly wish her anthology MESMERISING MOON SHOWERS splendid success.

Manthena Damodara Chary
World Icon of Peace Awarded
Founder Chairman
Nine International Poetry Forums


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