Poems by Hector Genotype

Poems by Hector Genotype



My life is not about the salary
Is not about the gorgeous gallery

Its fifty percent pain
No percent gain

Zero percent luck
Nine nine of block

Five percent pleasure
All percent pressure

Hundred percent concentration on the game
Of fame
To remember my name.


A voice called me

I was away kicking with Malcolm..
Till the day came.

Gone deep far where there’s no wind..
Time to unwind..

And i heard a voice..
Herald of peace.
And it said unto me ..

Tell the lady in the liquor store she’s forgiven ..
So come !


A sower

A sower went out sowing
On a two plain land,
On the flesh
And on the spirit.

He sown,sparsely on the spirit
And evenly distributed on the flesh .

At the harvest time
The nature’s prime !

He went with his sickle on shoulder’s high
First at the spirit land
To make home a bounty
But was scanty .

He went unto the flesh land,
And grain was in abundant !

Being gutted, he toodles down the terrain
Under the heavy rain !

Be not deceived !
God is not mocked !
For whatever a man soweth
That shall he also reap !!!

Hector Genotype
All rights reserved .


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