Mar Thieriot

Mar Thieriot
Born in June 1965
Writer, philosopher and painter.
Born in Brazil and raised in France she lives in Canada since ten years
She published several books of both philosophy and poetry and is a painter as well.
You will find her CV and further information’s about her research and her philosophy teaching experiences in several countries and different study levels in her blogs.
She is a specialist on connecting emotions, philosophy and art, and believe that those connections are helpful to understand and solve human conflicts peacefully. Painting and poetry can express human suffering in a peaceful manner and may help people to deal with emotional conflicts in a creative manner.
An open window
On spring
On our days to come
An open window
On our calm and decided steps
No more doubts
Words came along
I accept to live
Everything that there is to be lived
On an impossible garden
An open window
On clarity Life’s coming back
From the worst
Higher than our words
Deeper than our steps
Wise because defeated
An open window
On our eyes
Merged with fatigue
Feeling warm
At last
Behind the curtains
A silent dawn arises
Feeling so alive
We smile at each other
To paint
So far so lost
Wind blows
In our lives
Just a black coffee
Before starting an open day
Find you awake
Returning from a dream
My blue hands
Bring news
From a distant evening
Bring the infinite
Bring sunshine
Bring flowers
From an impossible garden
There was a day
There was an evening
And it was his last day
The last sourness
The last mistrust
The full stop
There was a day
That we learned
To close our eyes softly with him
To reach another level of reality
To cross the difficult path
From being sad to become alive
To become tender
To become vulnerable
From our loneliness
To a shared humanity
A vertical day
A glance flies over the nothing
From a vertiginous highness
Over these nothing
That nails us to the ground
That keeps our hearts locked
That prevents us from believing
From trusting one another
There was a cold and blue day
A big north day
In an impossible garden
There was a vertical day
There was a vertical evening
And it was our first day
In love again
Mar Thieriot – The Impossible garden ( all rights reserved)

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