Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik



The dreams like drops of rain
often drench me thoroughly ,
the hopes like gusts of breeze 
do refresh my solitary realm
and me freely hop and swing
in thoughts absolutely mine.

As dried up leaves look lively,
the dull mind moves to action ;
the pale face like gold in fire
dazzles and shines abright
and me like a radiant rainbow
spread the hues far and wide .

Life even amidst all uncertainties
looks as fixed as the Pole star
waiting for inspiration to inspire
to challenge the challenges hard
and never to surrender or grovel
however cruel circumstances be !

*(c) Dasharath Naik



Life in aridity seems to be in dead slumber
In vacant mood I cannot take my stand
For myself blessed with bleeding wounds 
And losing my control over angels within

Me cannot stand genuinely upright now
Nothing spectacular can I ever peep
Leaning against nowhere to grieve and
Engrossed me for absolutely nothing

Sparkling although in profound glee
Solitude no longer a blissful niche for me
Time does induce me to be potential yet
My passions gang up to drag me in

Lacking vigourous bits to protect myself
Me unable to showcase talents mine
Footprints scattered everywhere though
Finding my intimate corpse in pallor unseen

I may not wake up again hereafter
To hold precious moments of earthly life
Me failing to fetch a friendly foe even
To enliven my spirit in traumatic agony

©® Dasharath Naik



The mangy wind whispered in my ears how defiled it is now,
Shadowed by patches of smoke waves

The ribbon like river complained of being obstructed
On its zigzag path and gradually still diminishing

The blue sky lamenting lonely for the loss of its spell
So magical and inspiring once upon a time

The twinkling stars looking upset
reported me
Their plight in absence of the soothing moon

The tall trees once so dense stand
Pulled out or snapped out in massive scale by road side

The chirping birds have gone mum for the damage
Of their habitat invaded by men,
greedier than animals

The warm kisses of breeze so hypnotising
Failing to tempt the tired body,
mind and soul

Alas ! Poor she moans silently for she is exploited
With her bunch of precious innocence and simplicity

Mountains and hills,lakes and oceans,vales and valleys
Their groan out of helplessness reveberates

Man for his selfish gain has plundered everything
In plenty,his greed seems to have no ending

The spectacular hues of rainbow all faded,
And the welcoming rain or drizzle almost strangulated

With wilderness and freedom pushed into corner
Animals on the verge of extinction
can’t feel free.

Nature’s spell and feel in absolute peril
Excessive greed has smashed all and made it suffer.

Fertile meadows look barren yielding nothing
With the awfully overcrowded vast
sea shore and river bed

Choked with pollution feeling absolutely pale
The mirth of rich nature squeezing to a big zero

Innocent nature with its songs unsung simply suffers
Waiting helplessly for its carcass even to be looted.

*(c) Dasharath Naik

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