IGNEOUS FLIGHT / Poem by Teresinka – Pereira President IWA


Metaphors may fill you with themes.
They are not vain words
because if you take the wine
of your own invention, it will becomes rain
and water for the arid desert
of your soul.

Besides this you use again
the childhood games
to kill the night with fear
which torments like an avantgarde
baroque thirst or a twisted catharsis
stripping in your hands
the attraction of thousands pleasures
never touched before…

But I don’t care for any of this:
I am a ballerina without music
My pupils look at the monitor
and all I see are questions
I do not know how to answer.
In an igneous flight
lyric birds take off from my mouth
and have no place to go.


Teresinka Pereira
President IWA

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