What They Are Saying About World Poetry Almanac / *Richard Berengarten, Professor of literature, Cambridge University

What They Are Saying About World Poetry Almanac

As founding editor and guiding spirit behind the World Poetry Almanac, Hadaa Sendoo is known and highly respected internationally as the editor of a uniquely influential and ambitious literary project. By means of this groundbreaking annual publication, which he has edited since 2006, he has published and encouraged the writings of more than 3000 poets from no fewer than 100 countries. The Almanac reveals him as a dedicated universalist who believes that poetry not only brings people together, but is the key to promoting understanding and commonality among diverse cultures and languages. It is no exaggeration to claim that, in this capacity, he is one of the great international poetry editors of our time.


*Richard Berengarten, Professor of literature, Cambridge University

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