My trip to world / Poem by Varsha Saran

Poem by Varsha Saran
My trip to world
Around the world in ‘no’ dollar
When I close my eyes
And enjoy my dreams in ‘no’ order
Seven wonders of this world
Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Great wall of china
Christ of Redemeer, Machu Picchu or Roman Colosseum of Rome
And suddenly my soul wanders in
Vedic period of India,
Where I find no dome
Performing Yajnas and study the Vedas
While riding on the horse as a princess
I felt myself as a friend of ‘Cleopatra’
Busy in conspiracy to murder a Pharaoh
To rule freely without any doubt
In the middle of my Journey with Cleopatra
I feel myself as ‘Meera’
A crazy lover of Lord ‘Krishna’
A princess who is writing beautiful verses in the love of her’ Shyam’
Still I am dreaming that I am in Kullu Manali in India and busy to explore it’s beauty with so much passion and charm
Suddenly my Alarm rang up
Ufff, how boaring!!!
Now I will have to get up
To prepare the breakfast for my school going kids
Today I saw, a beautiful dream honey!
I said to my better half….
Without any fares
I travelled a lot ,
And that was interesting and so divine!!
Varsha Saran@copyright

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