Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Welcome the break of dawn
With an enchanting smile
A new day to begin
Fresh hopes and new dreams
Heart flowers with affection
Let kindness bloom in your soul
Optimistic thoughts on your mind
Relish the charm and beauty
Of each wonderful moment
Like a river of no return
Go with the flow
With every bend and turn
Don’t look back, propel forward
Take a chance
Grab every opportunity
To realise your ambition
Your state of enthusiasm
Determines your achievement
Reach your destination
With achievable goal.



I dreamt of us flying to the moon
Everyday together is honeymoon
Close to you my heart glows
You made me feel on top of the world

I have given you my heart completely
Presented my love and soul wholly
My heart sings for you a melody
Song of love brings chemistry

No matter how long it takes to explain
I’ll wait for you until I see you again
I’ll be there if you need me to hold you
I’ll be right by your side just for you

Paint my love in your soul
Let romantic feelings flow
Oh… baby, look at me lovingly
Won’t you caress me tenderly?



Love is heart’s living vision
Grown by tender care and affection
It is glow from within, shining emotion
From the embers of deep passion

Love is beautiful, divine
In true love, it is sublime
Love melts two souls into a mold
A life-time promise to behold

Let us cherish every moment
Be strong, be resilent
Let differences sink into love’s ocean
Let us love with complete devotion

Our love be our sacrifice
Through challenges, let us arise
Trust and patience, be our strength
Let love emit sweet fragrance

Love is the food, substance of life
It is the reason for our lives’ strive
Our hearts and souls become one
Let us bind love as we want.

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