Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



All dew – drops still love the Sun
Although it evaporates all of them
Dew sacrifices its own existence
In the name of love, done itself.

When the Sun kisses dew with its rays
It glitters like a diamond piece
Tears of joy moisten everyone’s eyes
As a union is just for a while.

As glowing beams caress dew – drops
Tiny rainbows emerge in oval pearls
Flowers bloom with radiant beauty
That enchants the hearts of everyone else.

Sparkling fields with droplets of dew
And so with, drenched green grass
As dew dissolves underground to feed them
They all dance with passion of love

Dew is a fresh virgin purity
And is a symbol of clarity
It tickles from flower – petals
And transforms into nectar for the Earth.

Who do care about precious life span?
When it’s case of unconditional love
Eternal they are, eternal their love is
As a symbol of everlasting true love.



I’m moon, reflected light of you , Sun
Really, I’m here,that is because of you
I wander a whole night in search of you
And rest tired, behind the red cliff 
To dream a day -dream of you.

Oh my love ! I really need you
When I awake by the side of me
Listen me, you are fate of my fame
My tender heart spells always your name
My entity wants to dissolve inside you.

I gaze you a whole day without blink
Hiding myself behind the red cliff
I can’t dare to claim you are mine
I do live here, in world of imagination
Please announce me as a part of you.

You aren’t eternal than my own love
Accept a gift of unconditional love from me
Here I do suffer from fire of your passion
My entity ends with your annihilation
Now I dare to proclaim you are mine

Let echo of my love spread across the universe.
You are mine, you are mine, you are mine. …………



Colourful rainbow bathed your beauty
I drenched you with passion of love
Your body turned transparent for me
We entwined as lustful serpants
Fragrance of love spread all around
We sang and danced with ultimate joy.

I hugged you in my strong grip
To plant a sweet kiss on your lips
Suddenly I awake with excitement
Alas ! I have no hand to hold you
And no eye – sight to see my love
Around me, is just dark and black.

I cannot walk even a step
But I dreamt for Marathon race
An attempt to touch a moon
It is indeed an illusive phase
Oh ! it is nothing, but a dream.

I know you are not meant for me
Still I enjoy you as a princess of dream
Though I have right to dream you
You are symbol of mirage for me
Oh ! It is nothing, just a dream.

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