Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa



This is an appeal ,
From a pet dog on a new year day
first “I wish you happiness that never wears away ,
Then ,please listen to my scream,
Fathom every single word , I deem 
Mother earth is made for us all ,
this truth , not to deny ,
we do have the right to live
To rejoice and why not to play .
Mother earth betrothed us all
humans , animals and plants ,
Fathom my words and you ears do give
listen , we are not criminals
we do no harm,
we simply want to live ,
like you we want to prosper in peace
we want to rest
why in getting rid of us you always plot ?
in killing us you are so swift
we fear your guns ,
we fear your rocks
you are too eager in our blood shed
we want to live
we want our puppies to be fed
we roam by night
we look for food
we sheltered in the mountains
we seek warmth in the wood .
people complain
they think we are killers
you do rush with your guns
leaving us in agony
praying death to come and stop our pain
that s our fateful destiny
we are living in torture
with you humans ,with you Tunisians
can we aspire to any future ?
The answer is no
you do grow ,
but not us
we wish nothing but your kindness
for we never hesitate to grant you faithfulness
our love on you we bestow
try to be so merciful
My appeal try to follow.

@copyright sihemc cherif january 2O18

La torture et la galère des chiens en Tunisie .


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