THE DYING SUN / Poem by Muhammad Azram

Poem by Muhammad Azram



The dying sun of this year
Sprinkle the memories
Of my fleeting years,
And ephemeral happiness
Momentary smiles
Whom I enjoyed for few moments
Best moments of my life
Of my lost and forgotten life
Those moments still rules my life
Memories of all my ups and downs
And my struggle to live this life
On my idyllic terms and serene wishes
Today’s dying sun and vanishing year
Took me to blend reminiscences
Of my friends and comrades
And vanished associations
Memories of my entire elapsed comrades
Those who blessed me
New hope, life and wisdom
Abetted me to fashion
New life with novel style
To embrace new life with new ideas and ideals
Put me on new roads of excellence
To prosper new destinations
At the time of dying sun of this year
I am missing all those, who lost in life
Struggling for life and prosperity
And those who sacrificed their life for life
For peace and prosperity
And for change
I seize rare hope, little light
A very thin ray of light
That can provide
A way, a road
To my friends, and my companions
The rising sun of New Year
Bringing new hopes for new life
Life to live with full of life
Full of colors and full of allure
With love, peace and prosperity
To live in the beautiful memories
Of those lost in life for life
The rising sun of tomorrow
Will pay homage of shiny rays
Will Honor them with light of change
Those who lay their lives
To color and paint our tomorrow
With their blood and ink
The new dawn of tomorrow
Bringing new time and age
New miraculous smiles
New meticulous hopes
New enchanting nocks
And will open new doors for new life


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