Maram al-Masri (Syria – France)

Maram al-Masri (Syria – France)
Maram – a Franco-Syrian contemporary poet and writer, was born in Lattakia-Syria and moved to France
in 1982 following the completion of English Literature studies at Damascus University. Today, Maram is
completely dedicated to poetry, writing and translation. She considered one of the most renowned,
influential and captivating feminine voice of her generation..
Maram’s poetry is appreciated by the critics of the Arab countries and is translated into several
languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Corsican, Turkish, …
Participated in numerous international poetry festivals in France and abroad.
Appointed Ambassador of the Secoure Populaire in France in 2014
Numerous new and old poems have appeared in various journals and were included in several
anthologies of Arab & International Poetry
Corte, Bastia, Lodeve, Biarritz, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Lille, Arras, Bethune, Rennes
Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Murcia, Granada,Lied, Cadiz, Dublin, Galway, Hamburg,
Cologne, London, Brussels, Bruges,Amsterdam, Cologne, Zurich, Munich, Luxembourg,
Genoa, Turin, Rome,Pistoia,Trieste, Verona, Ravenna, Spello, Siena Alba, Senigallia,
Reggio Calabria, Catania, Sardinia, Sicily, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Struga, Istanbul,
Rabat, Tunis, Cairo, Damascus, Aleppo, Kuwait, San Francisco, Mexico, Trois-Rivieres,
Algeria, etc..
I have been awarded the following prizes:
“Adonis Prize” of the Lebanese Cultural Forum for the best creative work in Arabic in 1998
“Premio Citta di Calopezzati” for the section “Poesie de la Mediterranee”
“Prix d’Automne 2007” of the Societe des gens de letters
1984, Damascus, Edition Education of Ministry ب ي ضاء ب حمامة انذرت ك 
رة حمراءك على لط ب يض اب A Red Cherry On A White-tiled Floor, l’Or du Temps Editions, Tunis, 1997
Winner of the Adonis Prize of the Lebanese Cultural Forum: Best creative work in Arabic in 1998
ظر ان يك ال .Je Te Regard. La societe d’editions et de publications, Beirut, 2000
عودة الIllustrated by Leila Mraiwid, University of Grenade, 2008
In French:
Cerise rouge sur un carrelage blanc
Translated by Francois-Michel Durazzo in collaboration with the author
Editions PHI, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)
Editions Ecrits des Forges, Trois-Rivieres (Quebec, Canada), 2003
Second edition printed in 2007
Je te regarde
Translated by Thouraya Ikbal, Editions Marsam, Rabat, Maroc, 2003
Doux Leurre
Selected poems translated by Najeh Jegham in collaboration with the author
Translation revised by Miloud Gharraf, L’Aile Editions, Toulouse, 2004)
Je te regarde
New translation by Francois-Michel Durazzo in collaboration with the author
Editions al-Manar (Neuilly-sur-Seine), June 2007)
Je te menace d’une colombe blanche
Translated by Francois-Michel Durazzo, French – Arabic bilingual edition
Editions Seghers, “Autour Du Monde” Series, September 2008
Les ames aux pieds nus
Translated from Arabic by the author, Editions Le Temps Des Cerises, February 2009
Poussieres de Caravane
With Lambert Schlechter, Nuit Myrtide Editions, Lille, September 2009
Le Retour de Wallada
Translated by Alain Gorius, Illustrations by Sebastien Pignon, Preface by Jean-Pierre Faye
Editions Al Manar, March 2010
In Italian:
Ciliegia rossa su piastrelle bianche
Translated by Francois-Michel Durazzo
Edizione Liberodiscrivere, Genoa, May 2005, Second edition printed in 2007
Ti Minaccio Con Una Colomba Bianca
Translated by Bianca Carlino Testo, Edizione Liberodiscrivere, Genoa, October 2008)
Ti Guardo
Translated by Marianna Salvioli, Multimedia Edizioni, Baronissi / Salerno, 2009
In Spanish:
Cereza roja sobre losas blancas
Translated by Rafael Ortega, Editorial Lancelot, Murcia, 2002, Second edition printed in 2005
Te miro
Translated by Rafael Ortega, Revised by Eloy Santos, Editorial Lancelot, Murcia, 2005
El retorno
Translated by Rafael Ortega, Editorial de la Universidad de Granada UGR 2008
In English:
A Red Cherry on a White-tiled Floor
Translation by Khaled Mattawa, Bloodaxe Book Editions, Newcastle, 2004
Second edition printed in 2005
Third edition printed in 2007, US Copper Canyon Press
In Corsican:
Chjaragia rossa e pavimentu biancu
Translated by Jacques Thiers, Editions Albiana, Ajaccio, 2003
In Serbo-Croatian:
Crvene trešnje na bijelim pločicama
Translated by David Šipovski, Zadužbina “Petar Kočić”, Banja Luka, Belgrade, 2006
In Tamazight:
Taknisya zeggaghen ghef waggens amellal
(Translated by Brahim Tazaghart, Tira de Bejaia Editions, March 2008
In Greek:
In 2008
On the wall of the school’s playground
The word freedom was written
in white chalk
By small children’s fingertips
On the walls of history
Freedom has penned their names
With blood
One old woman came in to the Sultan
She complained about his soldiers who stole her cows
While she was sleeping
The sultan said to her
You should have stayed awake and watch over your cows
And not to fell asleep
She answered him
I thought you are watching over us my lord
So I have fell asleep
I am a human being
Not an animal
Shouted citizen
Ahmad abdul Wahab
He filled television screens
With his broken voice
Like a captive who has escaped his jail
He escapes
Having broken the chains of fear and silence
The veins in his neck bulge
His eyes drown in anger
In his lifetime..he never read Belzak or Victor Hugo
He knows not Lenis or Karl Marx
In that moment..
The ordinary citizen became
Selmieh ………………….selmieh
They came out in the street while singing for peace
With open chest and clean hands
They sung peace
Freedom …….. Freedom
They came out shouting ……… freedom
With nude chest and hand carrying roses
They sung freedom
Yes it is singing that makes
the depth heart of fear
shivers and the craw’s mask fell down
Have you seen him?
He was carrying his child in his arms
Walking in his path quickly
His head held high
His back straight
How this child could have been happy and proud
To be carried thus in his father’s arms
If only he was alive.

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