Monsif Beroual (Morocco)

Monsif Beroual (Morocco)
He was born in Rabat, Morocco, on October 19th, 1994. He studied a Licence in Public Law at Sidi Mohammed Ben Adlallah University in Taza, Morocco. Multi awarded and renowned poet. A star of Peace by Poetry Canada 2018. Winner of the prize – Pablo Neruda medal award 2017. Recipient of the Pentasi B. World International Poetry Award in Africa, Ghana 2016 and Pentasi B. World Hyderabad Poetry Award, India 2017. Director of Morocco at the International Writers Capital Literature Foundation established in India. He has been appointed Director of Youth in Morocco. Co – Organizer in the International Festival of Cultural Diplomacy and Humanitarian Poetry, fifth edition at Rabat, Salé, Morocco 2018. Editor of the Anthology: Feelings International Artists Society, Vol. II. His poems have been translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Polish and Arabic; read them on radio programs in: Canada, Chicago, Argentina and Mexico. His poems have been published in different international journals and anthologies around the world.
My holly muse
Our life is like a song
Writing by gold
In every word
Filled of joy
We are in love
Like spring’s season
Fully of beauty
She is my muse
The ink of love fills my heart
Word after word
Made by gold
Carried by wind
Whispers in my ears
Rock my heart
Shaking my soul
Burns, burns, with the fire of love
Burning us
Dancing under the moon’s light
Reaching the skies
The seven skies
There’s no limit
For our love
Is infinity love
As the space and time
Cause she is
My holly muse
My living poem
And my heaven gift.
We fill the poem
With so much words
Love, hope and God
And we close the book after
We inspire them through our words
Our poetic lines and sometimes is normal.
A letter for humanity
For generation
But after we close the book
And we turn the page to fill other page
With words and nothing else just words
Without deeds or change
Only to count the books we wrote.
Every breath from my soul
Every dream can be real,
Love makes us feel better
Even we are sad or feeling low.
From the first sight of her angel’s face
Upon her face a sweet smile
I’m in deep love
I wanna keep her reflection in my mind,
In my dreams without touching her.
I wanna keep her in my sight forever
Like the soul in my body.
She’s my drug
She makes me feel high,
So high without limits
Without endless.
She’s my drug
Like the happiness in my blood
She’s my cure of the pains.
My eyes addicted to her eyes
She is the love…
Without a temple!

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