Zhaneta Barxhaj (Albania)

Zhaneta Barxhaj (Albania)
Zhaneta Barxhaj comes from the city of Tepelena. She is graduated for Albanian Literature at University Of Tirana Albania and then she studied for finance-accounting at the same university. Poetry and writings have accompanied her in the early years .
Poems written since adolescence are selected in the poet’s first book “The dancer without foot” published in Tirana 2016. In her manuscripts there are other poems and prose which are waiting to be published. Currently lives in Tirana and works in the public administration, dividing life between economics and literature.
You’ re sleeping.
You closed your eyes to your dreams,
and I do not know what you see!
The sleep robs you from me
and makes my night gray.
My light goes off, my eyesight fades,
in the waiting hoards.
And I wait for the sunrise,
with eyes swollen by tears of longing,
with a fainted smile
from the devil’s quarrels.
Do you know what he told me while you were asleep?
He said that he had peeked in your dreams.
That you played and laughed with a silhouette,
that you made love with a turtledove.
That there, on sunflower of verses you sent me,
you embraced…
Now, the sun is rising,
you with return to me,
it’s my turn to sleep now.
But, don’t listen to the devil,
he cannot peek my drem.
Yet, if he ever does,
just listen to your heart.
Sunlight fell on my girth.
It singed the glassy skin.
My womb bulged
and to the sunset’s offspring
I gave birth.
A suddent outporing over the iodine air.
The placenta and the dark cord
entailed in a loop the nex day.
The sun bursted before my feet
and it kissed my shadow.
Tonight I seem to be afraid
turning off the light and sleep.
A sensation of rain
thrills in the inner me
and it moistens my sleep…
Can the moistened sleep
be embraced at all?
I get chills and like a fetus
my feet assemble,
pending adjustment
with amaylaceous fluid.
Raining yet again…
O sun,
dry up my moistened sleep!
Translated by Sait Saiti

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