Susana Roberts (Argentina)

Susana Roberts (Argentina)
Susana Roberts- Argentinian poet-writer-translator-peacemaker
Resides in Trelew- Chubut-Patagonian, Argentina, dedicated to the Culture of Peace
Dr. Litt Honoris Causa-WAAC-2009.Vital Member WAAC.Ca.EEUU.
Ambassador of Peace by Mil of Argentine Nation (Unesco-Unicef).
Vice. Dir. IFLAC- Argentina and Latin America/ Honorary Member Global Harmony Association-Russia/ Member SELAE: European Society of Writers and Artists/
Universal Ambassador of Peace n 537-Circle of Ambassadors-Geneva-Switzerland.
Member of Noosphera Ethical Ecological World Assembly-Russia.(NEEWA)
Member Presidium WFSC (World Forum of Spiritual Culture) -Kazakhstan.
International Cultural Ambassador – SIPEA.
Ambassador “The Love Foundation” -Tampa-Florida-USA.
Bilingual publications in many countries. Participation in many World, National and International Congresses. Honored award with the 1st prize to the translation by lPCRT -China. Won national, international Prizes, SADE awards including 1st Prize in English WAAC, WCP in Trujillo-Peru 2014. Activity and trajectory awarded by the Government of the Prov. Del Chubut-Argentina during 2013-2016. Prize Grand Master Award for World Ladies Grand Masters in the Senate of Argentina Nation- CABA. 2018. Honored by India Intercultural Association with International “Sahitya Shree Award”. And International Honor Lady with Roses Award-Buenos Aires-Argentina MS Production.
Participated in Spanish and English world Anthologies. Finalist in the Medal of Peace Prize by Foundation Salvador 2010-. Prize to the Trajectory by Asolapo Arg. International Award. Publications in newspapers: In Spain-Greece, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Albany, India…Etc. Co-author of many books and anthologies. Prologuist.
Bilingual Books: Rostros / Faces. El vuelo del Ave / the flight’s bird. Arte y virtud en la evolución humana/Art and Virtue in human evolution – in French. Epub-France-Alter Editions).
In the waters of life
From the beginning
we are dwellers of time
when descended particles from the sky
crossed the threshold of centennial ashes
and turned into the breath of thousand shapes
not ages no time
in the space of each age
love was our friend
surrendered in the flames
of incomprehension of others flames
the constant cure is love
in the waters of life
with hearts trapped into the beauty
of the city of no rules
many echoes were pushed
into the purification waters
never mind when
naked feet crossed the empty wall
by the place where honeysuckles
used to climb inside mystic gardens
past brilliant echoes on the road
let’s us to walk under the moonlight
let’s sail away ,brother, where talented artists live
where Peace is emerging
from the fountain of the true knowledge
Never mind when echoes return
They belong to the individual time
with the belt of service to the future culture
we will cross the never end time of echoes
with love.
Attentive mind, in harmony
the breath that flows
covers the light
The elements
in a serene dance
Of the spirit
Start and end of the inner balance
Everything is simple, everything is complex
In the internal rhythm
the profound challenge of the senses
In a the meditative estate
From an ancestral discipline.
The whole Blue
You spilt the whole blue
Over my eyes
Like honey sweetness
Intoxicates jasmines
Humidity is penitent of love
the verb is meeting down
the infinite ocean
I write Peace as I write sorrow
with fire and air
pressed in my fist
the light is growing
Like a strong fight
Inside the hollow of the skin
Right now that
I am a flame of your body.

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