Larissa  I. Ayvazyan (Lara Ayvazyan) – Russia

Larissa  I. Ayvazyan (Lara Ayvazyan) – Russia
Born on September 21, 1955 in town of Borschev, the USSR, Russian, femail. In 1978 graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture (specialization – children’s  literature).
As a singer appeared with concerts in Russia and abroad (the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria). Released 12 musical albums. Her songs are on the air at various Russian and foreign radio stations.
Along with musical career has been writing poems. Her pieces of poetry were printed in internet poetry magazine “New Literature”. She is the Member of International Association of Writers and Artissts (IWA). In Febrary, 2016 her new edition of poems “Age of Happiness” was brought out. In January, 2019 another edition of poems “Second wind” was published.
Lara Ayvazyan has been appearing with her songs and poems at a number of stages of Moscow.
© Лара Айвазян (РОССИЯ)
© Lara Ayvazyan (RUSSIA)
Я не могу не быть в душе поэтом,
Но громким титулом себя не назову.
Способна рифмовать я строки эти,
Пока мысль будоражит, не засну.
Не ведаю как долго будет длиться
С поэзией сей страстный мой роман,
Я, кажется, поймала счастья птицу,
И точно знаю: я не графоман.
Сказали мудрые: «Послушайся совета
И тихо для себя твори в тиши».
Но для чего дана способность эта?
Коль ты не можешь не писать, пиши!
Что ж, если интерес в глазах читаю,
И рукоплещут в зале не шутя,
Так значит, строчки душу задевают,
А это делает счастливою меня!
I can not be non poet in my soul,
But the loud title is not for me.
I am able to rhyme these lines,
While the idea excites, I cannot sleep.
I do not know how long will continue
This passionate love story with my poetry,
It seems that I have caught the bird of happiness,
And now for sure, I'm not graphomaniac.
We said to the wise: "Listen to the advice
And write quietly to yourself in silence. "
But for what is given this ability?
Write if you cannot write!
Well, if I read the interest in eyes of my audience,
And hear how people applaud,
It means that my lines are important for souls,
And it makes me happy!
О чём поёт мне птица
В лесу, где благодать…
Мне в песне птичьей мнится,
Что рано умирать.
Что не окончен путь мой,
Я всё ещё смеюсь!
Пока я бодрый путник,
Пока я пригожусь.
Ведь как-то так бывает,
Живёт, как будто спит,
И жизнь не замечает,
И о себе молчит.
Нужды большой нет в славе,
Правдивость – вот венец!
Порядок лишь в державе
Настал бы, наконец!
What bird is singing to me
In the delight forest…
I hear in the bird’s song,
That there is no time to die,
That is not end yet of my way,
I'm still laughing!
As yet I am cheerful traveler,
And I am able to do something.
Something that happens,
Somebody lives as if asleep,
And he does not notice the life,
Being currently silent.
There is not big necessity to be famous,
The truth – that is the crown!
Only the order in the country
I would like to see at last!

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