Marjeta SHATRO RRAPAJ is a writer from Albania. Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life,a passion that would be crowned with many publications in different periodicals and literary magazines.She is the author of three poetry books:”In the sea of my eyes”,”Migration with Twilight”,”Nerthus”She is affirmed in the path of poetry with artistic maturity.She has written in prose:”Flickering of Seagulls”.She has 21video-poetry in You tube.
She has translated in Albanian many stranger authors. She is writing the fifth book in prose.
I, the dreamer …
Summer nights when the evening falls slowly
the sun loses its horizons,
I do not know why a vision appears white
washed in the color of the gold stars.
Then this light, as in a blindness
grabs me in the wings, angels fly
melt me and dissolve me , burgeon clouds!
dying and resuscitating me, endless heaven.
I come to you!
I come to you, as the hope of the new day
as the awake morning the most sunrise of beauty,
as a remembrance, which restores the past,
like a bird, that shakes the wings flight.
I come without knocking,
with the innocence of a flickering soul
light when they lighten the colors of life
the evening, when all the twilights begin their pilgrimage.
Silent nostalgia
The day comes down from other heavens,
endless ribbons coloring
on the somnolent city late in the evening
poured the gates and the lime-trees on the street.
The wind plays with the turbid waves,
the sea crashes altitude
They kiss, quarrel, then become oil
The ultimate lonely game in the last eternity .
History is repeated, written first
other traces remain again
a dress pulled in from the sandpit
a silent nostalgia that awaits and awaits.
In the blue of this crystal morning,
after the remote vision I go too far.
This my spruce soul,
It comes to the world around.
Escape from the limit itself
Runing the infinite chastity .
Free spirit in ether,
leaves behind the pain that erodes.
Like lucky flies to the sun,
lured by mystical strangers.
Goes to the meeting with the muse,
In the evening her voice, echoes of her song.
Unfold the wings in the light whiteness
near everlasting, eternity
Every evening I look eye to eye with the night.
I am overwhelmed with her tranquility
and forgot,
after the invisible curtains.
Do not forget to collect memories
bring to me those few moments of joy.
Whisper my prayer several times,
then rest, forgive …
In sacred words under the edge
Miss out on tomorrow’s dreams
This sequence is repeated to my nights
again and again …!

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