Trace of Human – Eliza Segiet / Translated by Artur Komoter

Trace of Human


Short storie by: Eliza Segiet

I keep asking myself questions, primarily returns this one: what is with you, human, that you treat your mother like that? However, this one triggers more. Why do you not care for her? Why are you destroying her?

You only have one. Unless you’ve found a twin anchor somewhere (I doubt it). Even so, it’s good to leave behind good memories. In my opinion, there is no other, synonymous, equally beautiful one, on which a human can live. Mother Earth is one. Inimitable and friendly to the human. Of course, there will be those who say: what about floods, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, tsunamis? Yes, they happen, but those are the laws of nature.

It is frightening that a human destroys their own territory. But that’s what’s happening. Earth – the home of people from around the world, is destroyed by its inhabitants. Without thinking that someone will live after us, we leave traces everywhere – not of something spectacular, but of our own stupidity. Tons of plastic floating in the seas and oceans, littered forests, poisonous fumes from chimneys, heralding the death of the future of all nature.

Even in the Arctic and Antarctica one can see the effects of human inaneness. Glaciers are melting due to the changing climate. Unfortunately, the human is helping along, who – as it seems – does not notice the problem.

In the seas and oceans fish die because of eating plastic or being tangled in the nets.

Let us not leave any traces of mindlessness behind. Let us take care of Mother Earth, because another one may not be available. We destroy this one at our own request.

I keep asking myself the question – what is with you, human, that you stopped thinking and you leave behind p l a s t i c everywhere, the totem of modern times. There is a high chance that if you’re not disposing of, then you are burning bottles used for water, which, note well, may also run out.

I am convinced that one-time bags waving on the trees are not a testimony to the fact that now trees, instead of fruit, begin to flourish with artificiality; then again it is the human, the wasteman, that allows nature to take on the glamor of homo sapiens’ lack of imagination.

There are dozens of examples that can be proliferated, but everybody really knows that, and hardly anyone thinks that they are doing wrong. They throw away, because what are they supposed to do with it? It suffices to just think that worn tires should not lie in a forest that one will want to come to rest in, in the future. Clearance of trees is depriving us (and our lesser friends from the world of fauna) of oxygen. In winter, we start wearing masks so that we do not breathe poisonous air. Maybe we should take off our masks and look from a different perspective? Change must begin at home, in one’s way of life.

The harm that we do to the world depends on the course of thought. If life amidst trash does not convince one, then maybe the future of their children will. Do not just take care of their environment, but also give an example of a conscious inhabitant of Earth; inspire to live in harmony with nature. The world does not need an “Earth Day”, it needs understanding, respect and help – and not just during the holiday, but every day.

The human has the right to choose their values, they have the ability to make decisions. I do not know why they decide to kill the world of nature. To kill oneself… We did not appear in the world to destroy it. We are here to be living in symbiosis with nature, to draw from her gifts and to protect her in return.

Translated by Artur Komoter

One thought on “Trace of Human – Eliza Segiet / Translated by Artur Komoter

  1. It is high time all should know this.
    The World is moving with pride as if the people have brought it from their pockets to enjoy like how they want. It is time we learn.
    Trace of human will not be there even to see. Nature shall forgive but once it shall forbidden. No asking pardon then. It shall all be over.
    I have done one Post title is
    ‘I am Life’
    Fond Regards

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