Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee

Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee
How can I be without You
Many a time I thought
Not to think about you ,
And to create a world without you
But you remain as a part of me
How can I stop loving you !
Many a time I thought
Not to care a bit about you
Will try to forget what we used to do
But you keep come in my thought
Oh! Tell me how can I stop loving you.
Many a time I try
To keep my stubborn eyes dry
But your words come in mind
And I do cry.
Then how can I stop loving you!
Many a time I thought
To have some fun
To enjoy some music with dance
But with every lyrics you come by chance
Then how can I stop loving you !
Many a time I think
If I could forget you in a blink
I start to write poetry
But betrays my very ink
Then how can I forget you?
In the abyss of my mind
In the corner of my heart
There is such a place ,timeless !
The feelings, nobody can replace.
There only resides you and you
Echoes of your laughter,
Ripple of your soft words
That my heart always do care.
In my mind, there is a place ,
Darker that darkest .
Sometimes you dispel it,
With your smile full of grace.
When nobody is around me
You come in my thought suddenly ,
Wish! U would come in reality
Holding my hand, you would
Take me to an another land
And we would walk hand in hand .
Stopping by a closed door
Some old but bold corner stones,
Spotted abandoned marble floor.
Suddenly I recall something and asked my heart gore,
Is it that very door
Is that very place
My heart never could replace?
Some tiny hands
Laughing, playing and clapping
House remained the same but
time changed many thing.
Yesterday’s child Now grown up
All scattered in different place and direction,
But my mind fumbling that very emotion.
That play-field, that playful evenings
That childhood, that innocence
Still in my heart creeping and crawling
That reminiscence.
Copyright @
Sumana Bhattacharjee

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