Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris (Morocco)

Awatef El Idrissi Boukhris (Morocco)
Mrs Awatef EL IDRISSI BOUKHRIS is a Moroccan poet and novel writer. She writes in both French and English. She has to her credit two poetry collections; one in English and another in French and a novel written in French too. She also writes stories for the youth. In addition to that, she has been a cultural correspondent for a local cultural paper for six years where she had her poems and articles published. She studied in an Interpreter’s school in Mons, Belgium and is now working as a teacher of English. She is a founding member and the treasurer of The League of Moroccan Women Writers. She is also a member of ‘Le Regroupement des Poètes Francophone Engagés pour La liberté et la Paix’ a virtual group that promotes freedom and peace through poetry. And she has taken part in four anthologies in French with le R.P.F.E and another one with Moroccan writers. She took part in many cultural meetings; the last one was in Tetuan North of Morocco during the International Encounter of Women Writers (EIDE) where she presented her novel and read her poetry.
Let Me Live
Please, a little care
Don’t crush me with your feet
Please, be gentle while walking
Don’t kill me, I’m seedling
A lover sowed me here
Please, I want to become a tree
And do have some love to me
Once I become a tree
Don’t cut me down
Don’t burn me
Let me live; I’ve the right to live
Let my branches touch the sky
Give my leaves time to turn green
I want the sun to warm me
With its golden rays
And the moon through me,
Send its silver light
Let the wind make me dance
Let the thunder make me shiver
And the rain swamp me with its drops
I want to see the worms
Lodging themselves under my feet
I want to see the birds
On my arms having rest
So, let me hold their nests
Let me hear the nightingales’ songs
Let the woodpeckers titillate my trunk
Let me take part in children’s games
Therefore think
When you’re cutting me down
I can be your shelter on sunny days
I can be your refuge when you need shade!
Don’t Be Sorry
If you see people happy
For your bad luck don’t be sorry
If your nights get longer
Hold on and be stronger
There will be an end to your sorrow
And wait for a better tomorrow
For the twilight is coming
Look at your horizon clearing
Your sun will soon rise
Get up and open your eyes
To see the blue of the sky
To see the birds fly so high
Look at the mountain how it stands
So proud and never bends
Be a rock not sand
And fight for your rights to the end
This life is like a jungle
Don’t surrender and struggle
Wait patiently for your full moon
And for your flowers to bloom
Open your door to happiness
Through tolerance and forgiveness
Be optimistic about your future
And the expectations you nurture
So, don’t be sorry!
Why do I write ?
I write
To get rid of boredom
To seek some freedom
And to follow the voice of wisdom
I write
To pour out my wrath
To find my path
And from rancor deliver my heart
I write
To eradicate my obsessions
To exorcise my demons
And to put myself in questions
I write
To make my voice heard
To feel as free as a bird
And to enjoy loneliness in my world
I write
To put in words what haunts me
To voice other people’s plea
And to draw on faces smiles of glee
I write
To criticize as I please
To say everything at my ease
And to fly with the birds and bees
I write
To shake off my yoke
To clear up my sky from the smoke
And keep standing up like an oak
I write
To brighten up my days
To feel the warmth of the sunrays
And to make the stars in my sky blaze
I write
Because writing gives me wings
Suspends me with golden strings
And quenches me from sweet springs
I write
Because writing is my green space
It fills me with heavenly grace
And enlightens my heart and face
I write
Because writing is my air
It saves me from despair
And gives me torrents of hope to share
I write
Because writing is my other pole
It is the scene where I play any role
And is the balm for my soul
I write
Because writing is my bread
It gives me energy to move ahead
And to overcome my doubt and dread
I write
Because writing makes my worries disappear
It delivers me from my grief and fear
And prevents me from shedding a single tear
I write
Because writing is my mount without reins
It is an outlet for my pains
And makes me break my chains
I write
Because writing is my lawless world
Where my king is the word
And my poetry is a sword.

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